Sustaining Admiration Leads to Lasting Love

Sustaining Admiration Leads to Lasting Love

Admiration is probably one of the most significant elements in the earliest days of romance or any relationship. When we see a photo of an old couple, like the one used in this post, we assume that they have been in love the whole time. We crave a lasting love, but where does that come from?

When we try to remember the beginnings, we often focus on the behaviors; how our lovers treated us at the beginning of the relationship, how we were always on the phone, making video calls, and hanging out together. Let’s slide the focus to the far end of the beginnings, the real beginning – the attraction. Often, admiration is the first spark of interest. We admire how this person speaks, thinks, sings, dances, or what matters to us. If we stop admiring this person over time, we should examine the reason.

Initial admiration may be short-lived, a necessary component to help us find a suitable or attractive mate. A sustaining admiration keeps the love glowing for a long time, for some, a lifetime.

(Featured image source: Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

Lis Sun Crandall

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