CARA Unmask: Let’s Chat About Depression

CARA Unmask: Let’s Chat About Depression

CARA Unmask Article about Depression

This article examines the gender differences in responses and experiences in depression. Many important questions are asked and we notice some common themes between the interviewed man and woman. These are the questions:

  • When Did You First Experienced Depression? And How Did You Know You Were Depressed?
  • Were You Clinically Diagnosed? Were You Sufficiently Informed Of Your Diagnosis?

  • What Was The Treatment Plan? Was It Effective?

  • What Were Your Pillars Of Support For Your Recovery Journey?

  • Did You Share This Experience With Anyone? If Yes, How Did They React?

  • Are You Recovered From Depression Now? Have You Had A Recurrence Since The Last Recovery?
  • How Have You Managed Your Recovery Journey?

  • Any Words Of Advice For People Who May Suspect They Have Depression?
  • If You Could Turn Back The Clock, What Are Three Things You Would Have Done Differently For Your Mental Health?

lets chat about depression

(Unfortunately, the original article is no longer accessible, but I hope the bullet points provide some valuable topics to think about.)

Lis Sun Crandall

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